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About Us

Adminhomes is one of Puerto Vallarta’s leading and most propitious property management companies, with more than 10 successful years of experience within the field. Adminhomes works with a high level of integrity, professionalism and sustainability, ensuring that every need and desire of the client is identified and fulfilled. We understand the importance and trust that is given to third-party property management, so we make it our priority to excel in any task that is given and establish a healthy working relationship.Adminhomes offers a selection of services, such as property management, building management, property rental, a concierge service for guests, and tours. We have vast experience in each service and understand how they each individually need to operate, striving towards an auspicious outcome.We’ve grown with Puerto Vallarta. We’ve watched tourism increase and the Bay of Banderas develop. One thing that has remained the same is the pure and undisturbed beauty of Puerto Vallarta – it’s paradisiacal views, golden beaches, and artisan streets. Puerto Vallarta is home to Adminhomes, and we want to share its magic with all whom we can, both clients and guests, making each interaction and stay as efficient and as enjoyable as possible.


As one of AdminHomes very first clients back in 2008, we have found this full-service property management company to be professional, responsive and trustworthy. They have provided weekly housekeeping, guest check-in, maintenance project supervision, bookkeeping and guest services.
Keith C.
Property Owner
Dallas, Texas
I have been working with Admin Homes for over 5 years. The care for my condo and the service they provide for me is excellent. The reviews I get from my guests with regards to the service they provide is exceptional.
Denis P.
Property Owner
Montreal, Canada
I have had Admin-homes handle the affairs of my condo in Puerto Vallarta since 2017. They handle the payment of all my services / etc. I have had the same maid for the entire time. Since I host on Airbnb , cleaning services have to be flexible.....sometimes same day in - out. She is amazing! The same for the hosts & the service staff.........they have to be flexible to change and have never let me down. Also the maintenance of the building , grounds & shared Terrace & pool are exceptional. They handle any problem that arises in a prompt & professional manner. A+ goes to the Admin-Homes staff !!!!!
Greg T.
Property Owner
Tampa, Florida
I have used Admin Homes for over 5 years. I try to maintain the highest standard in my rental and Admin Homes supports me in that effort. Any issues I have with Admin Homes - they listen and respond with improvement in the delivery of their service.
Blair S
Property Owner
San Diego, California

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Our Team

Jose Ezequiel Covarrubias Lopez


“I love to meet owners and guests and help them enjoy Puerto Vallarta to the maximum. I also want AdminHomes to create more job opportunities for people in PV”.

Aldo Arturo Tapia Torres


“I like working with numbers and enjoy helping clients by keeping track of all accounts in an efficient and honest way”. 

Dora Maria Segura Romero

Assistant General Manager

“I love my role as it challenges me to be a better person and push myself to do better”

Jorge Diaz

Building Management -Assistant Manager

“I enjoy interacting with the owners and always ensure I provide the best customer care”

Ilian Madrigal
Property Management - Manager

“Create professional relationships and commitments with

clients, develop tools for the growth of the department and

the service.

Offer high quality services in each division: rents, concierge,

maids, maintenance, administrative management”

Moisés Cibrián

Reservations & Concierge Service

“Meeting the guests in person, assisting them before and

during their stay, and knowing that my services and

assistance were of great importance to achieve a fascinating

stay and trip”


Collection - Accounting Department

I like to provide clients with correct information through a

collection procedure in order to ensure that payments are

made in a timely manner.

Alexia Cibrian

Payments (Buildings Division) - Accounting Department

As in charge of payments, my main focus is to make them in

a timely manner to get the most out of the economic resource

of the clients, managing to meet the requests for

improvements to the buildings and properties.

Estefanía Avonce

Payments (Properties Division) - Accounting Department

What I like most about my job is to take care of and manage

the resources of the owners in an efficient way, managing

their property with due care.